County Data on the State of the Economy in NC

This page aims to be a one-stop spot for all your local data needs. As possible, data at the county level will be posted here on a range of issues to help you document economic conditions in your community.

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NEW! County Labor Market Watch

The January labor market numbers continues to demonstrate that the labor market is not performing at a level that will ensure all North Carolinians who want to work can work.  The number of unemployed workers remains 28 percent higher than before the recession, employment levels remain below where they were before the recession and the state’s jobs deficit—or what is needed to ensure all who want to work have employment opportunities—stands at 450,000.  For more on state-level labor market trends, see this briefing document.

2012-2013 County Economic Snapshots

The Budget and Tax Center‘s County Economic Snapshots (released April 2014) provide a look at how well counties in North Carolina are faring across key indicators of economic well-being and opportunity—unemployment, poverty, wages and income, housing, health, education, and available supports. Indicators were selected based on several factors including availability, reliability, and consistency as well as what they can tell us about the conditions in the state’s 100 counties.

County Level Data

Prosperity Watch

For state level analysis of economic indicators visit the Propserity Watch page.