Join a new effort called We Are NC -- Standing up with Immigrant Communities across North Carolina

We, the undersigned, are proud to call North Carolina home. Many of us are immigrants, and the children and grandchildren of immigrants. We are the friends, neighbors, family members, co-workers and classmates of immigrants and refugees. All of us, regardless of where we were born, affirm the dignity and the rights of all people in North Carolina. 

We oppose the efforts of the current State Legislature to enact immigration policies that lead to discrimination, criminalization, racial profiling, hateand economic exploitation. We oppose policies like 287(g) and the so-called ”Secure Communities” program that separate families, deny due process and equal opportunity, and divide our communities along lines of national origin, immigration status, language, skin color, religion and culture. Such policies are a direct attack on immigrant communities, but they also erode the rights of all workers and result in the harassment of people of color, both immigrant and U.S.-born. 

We have seen the negative consequences of anti-immigrant legislation in places like Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. In those states, the economy has deteriorated, lawsuits have been filed, and people are being treated in ways that concern us greatly. Children are afraid to go to school; farmers and workers are losing their livelihoods as food lies rotting in the fields; citizens and immigrants alike are being wrongfully arrested. 

As concerned North Carolinians, we ask Members of the House Select Committee on the State's Role in Immigration Policy, and all Members of the North Carolina General Assembly, to heed the call of reason and fairness. Stop the dehumanization of immigrants in our community. Enough is enough. Immigrants want the same things as the rest of the people in NC: a roof over their heads, an education for their children, a steady job, and to live free of harassment and discrimination. Legislators should stop dividing our communities and instead, work for policies that unite us and make us stronger. 


We Are NC is an alliance of organizations and individuals working to shift the debate on immigration in our state. We are raising awareness about the efforts of some state legislators to enact discriminatory and harmful new laws that target the people of North Carolina. We believe in the contributions of all communities, including immigrants and refugees, who have worked hard to make NC what it is today.

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