Tax Cuts: Wrong Choice for North Carolina's Economy

Tax cuts for big, profitable corporations and the wealthy is the wrong choice for North Carolina.

The irresponsible tax changes passed in the 2013 legislative session will not boost our economy or create more jobs, but they will result in middle- and low-income families paying more taxes. There will also be damaging cuts to important public services that both businesses and average North Carolinians rely on, including our public schools and universities which build a skilled workforce and encourage innovation.

In 2014, the harm of the tax plan is already clear.  Revenue losses have mounted, budget cuts have continued and working North Carolinians have lost the state Earned Income Tax Credit that helps them make ends meet. 


Here are a few of our latest resources on how the tax plan is harming North Carolina’s families and communities.

For background on the 2013 tax plan, see the resources belowClick on the images to see who pays and who loses under the new tax plan.











Click here to see a Guide to the Timing of NC Tax Code Changes based on the 2013 law

This page brings together our research on the tax plan lawmakers passed and various key aspects of the debate. Check out these publications for more information on what North Carolina's economy needs.

These tax proposals will hurt our state by:

1. Failing to create jobs

2. Reducing our ability to make key economic investments or achieve greater economic growth

3. Raising taxes for middle- and low-income North Carolinians

For a complete directory of resources on 2013 tax proposals, click here.