Sign the Petition to Protect Unemployment Insurance

Yesterday, the Associated Press wrote that North Carolina policymakers are nearing a deal on reforming the unemployment insurance system that will likely include cuts to the amount of benefits and duration of weeks that folks out of work can claim unemployment insurance. The “deal” has been worked out between select legislators and the Chamber of Commerce with no input from workers or worker advocates.

A proposal this important to tens of thousands of North Carolinians struggling with unemployment should not be hatched behind closed doors without workers’ input. And a decision to approve the proposal and move it forward to a vote in the 2013 legislative session shouldn’t be made without careful review and consideration of the impact on workers, their families and the broader economy.

We need our legislators to hear from you. Please sign our petition calling on members of North Carolina’s Revenue Laws committee to not vote on any proposal to reform the unemployment insurance system at their next meeting on December 5th and allow the proposal to be thoroughly reviewed and commented on by all stakeholders.

CLICK HERE to sign a petition to protect unemployment insurance.