Joining the NC Health Access Coalition

The North Carolina Health Access Coalition is a group of individuals and organizations from across the state advocating on behalf of health care consumers.

We educate the public and policymakers about health care reform options and enable consumers to become active participants in developing health policy for the state's residents. We provide research and policy analysis, technical support and information to legislators and the public.

NCHAC supports a health care system that provides all North Carolinians with affordable, high-quality, comprehensive, and accessible health care services, with strong measures to control rising costs.

In creating such a health care system, North Carolina must:

  • Expand health coverage to those who are uninsured, while allowing those who are happy with their coverage to keep it
  • Ensure all children have health coverage
  • Protect families from economic disaster due to lack of access to health care or lack of coverage
  • Fully meet the health care needs of the older population
  • Make certain that people living with disabilities receive comprehensive services

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