NC Second Chance Alliance Endorsement Form

The NC Second Chance Alliance is a statewide alliance of advocacy organizations, service providers, faith-based organizations, community leaders and directly-impacted citizens that have come together to achieve the safe and successful reintegration of individuals with criminal records by promoting policies that remove barriers to productive citizenship.

We believe that the current system of incarceration and re-incarceration is not working.  It is eroding the safety of our communities, draining our state’s resources, and failing those who have paid their debts to society.

That is why we are calling on our state leaders to take a deep look at the barriers facing people with criminal records.  We can no longer afford to pour our resources and dollars into a revolving door criminal justice system.

NC needs to make successful re-entry and reduction of recidivism a priority by (1) establishing a comprehensive plan that addresses the needs of people with criminal records for housing, medical treatment, training, education, services, support and jobs and (2) identifying and reducing barriers to successful re-entry.

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