Labor Market in North Carolina

County Labor Market Watch

Here are the numbers by county for local labor market data. 

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Fundamental Economic Barriers Remain

Too many leaders in Washington DC and Raleigh claim that our economy is doing great, a stark contrast to the dire economic realities that far too many communities and families in North Carolina face. The North Carolina Budget and Tax Center regularly analyzes state and local economic conditions, and barriers to economic opportunity should not be swept under the rug and ignored.

The fact is, North Carolina has not actually recovered fully from the Great Recession, and is still well below the pre-recession level of employment. In December 2017, North Carolina would have needed 369,000 more jobs to match the pre-recession level of employment (a gap known as the “Jobs Deficit”). As shown here, North Carolina job opportunities in North Carolina have not kept pace with the need for employment in our state.

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