September 17-24 is National Expungement Week! We are working to eliminate the barriers created by arrest and conviction records. We need to expand access and automate the record clearance process.


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For many of the people with a record, an expungement is the key to successful reentry into their communities and obtaining essential opportunities, such as meaningful employment.

A clean slate empowers individuals to break free from the limitations of their past mistakes, opening doors to new possibilities. It provides the freedom to pursue dreams, rebuild lives, and contribute fully to communities.
Through the expungement process, qualifying convictions or charges can be effectively destructed, allowing individuals to move forward without the shadow of past errors hindering their progress.
Improved expungement laws in North Carolina would provide relief to directly impacted people and would also benefit society as a whole. By offering individuals a second chance and removing obstacles to their reintegration, we can reduce recidivism rates, enhance public safety, and promote economic growth. Clean Slate Laws aligns with the fundamental principles of justice and fairness, ensuring that punishment is proportionate to the offense and that individuals have the opportunity to make amends for their mistakes. It’s time for North Carolina to join the nationwide effort in recognizing the importance of expungement reform and creating a brighter, more equitable future for all its residents.


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Expunction, which erases a person’s criminal record, can mean increased job and housing opportunities, improved public safety, and a stronger economy. For more than a decade, criminal record expunction laws have expanded to provide relief to more and more North Carolinians. However, to date, the laws have not done enough to ensure certain North Carolinians with criminal records can access opportunities that will help them thrive.

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