NC HEALTH REPORT: Your Voice, Your Vote, Your Health

We know a lot of folks are struggling to figure out how and where to put their energies to advocate for better access to health care and health insurance coverage.

That’s why we at the NC Justice Center's Health Advocacy Project (HAP) have curated a list of the top three action items that we need YOUR help with to make sure that candidates for the 2018 elections know that voters want more health coverage, not less!

We need volunteers to submit op-eds and letters to the editor of their local paper on the importance of prioritizing health over politics! Believe it or not, people still read opinion pieces and they’re an important way to get concerns and information out to the public. A recent op-ed in the News & Observer discussed the potential impact of Medicaid expansion as a strategy for curbing the opioid epidemic in our state by providing people the coverage they need to access care and treatment. Click here to read.
We need volunteers to attend candidate forums to let candidates know that affordable and quality health care and health insurance are important issues for voters! In particular, we are seeking volunteers to attend community forums in Wake, Wayne, Harnett, Forsyth, New Hanover, Cumberland, and McDowell counties. Click here to look at our candidate questionnaire for ideas on what kind of health care questions you can ask people running for office.

Candidate forums are taking place all over the state and we need your help engaging those running for office on the importance of Medicaid expansion! For anyone in the Triangle, the next forum is taking place on Saturday, September 29th, from 1:00-3:00 p.m. at the Trophy Brewing Room in Raleigh. Click here to register to attend.
We need people who would benefit from Medicaid expansion to share their story! We need policymakers to hear the meaningful stories of the estimated 640,000 North Carolinians who would gain coverage through Medicaid expansion so they are able to put faces to the statistics. The top nine occupations of people who are caught in the coverage gap are industries such as construction, restaurants or retail.

To get involved in any of the action items listed above, please contact Hyun Namkoong, policy advocate with HAP by calling (919) 856-2568 or shoot her an email at

Check out the Newest Factsheets from HAP on Medicaid Expansion and Closing the Coverage gap

Medicaid expansion and closing the coverage gap are more important than ever. The latest studies estimate that over 640,000 people would benefit from expanding Medicaid. This means tens of thousands of people who won’t have to choose between filling a prescription and paying the light bill.

To find out more on how Medicaid expansion helps our communities and our state, go here to read our latest factsheets. They cover the importance of Medicaid expansion for rural communities, communities of color, and people who use substances.

Medicaid Expansion in the News

A new study on Medicaid expansion shows that it can be a tool for fighting the opioid epidemic. It also debunks the myth from conservative lawmakers that Medicaid expansion made the opioid epidemic worse. Click here to read the story in Vox.

The latest report from Ohio, a conservative state with a conservative governor, shows that Medicaid expansion helped lift thousands of people out of poverty and into employment. The first wealth is health and by expanding Medicaid, Ohioans were able to access care for debilitating conditions which once treated, allowed them to work again. In fact, the report shows that finding employment and increasing household income was the leading reason for why people later unenrolled from Medicaid and found other types of coverage.

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