The North Carolina Justice Center’s Fair Chance Criminal Justice team is proud to participate in the DEAR program. Established in 2018, DEAR aims to help the tens of thousands of people in Durham who face the collateral consequences of having a criminal record by providing pro bono legal services.

In the past two years, attorneys have helped more than 11,000 clients receive a total of $2.7 in court debt relief connected to traffic cases. For North Carolinians who have a license suspension because of their inability to pay court fines and fees, regaining a driver’s license helps ensure reliable transportation, a critical part of supporting themselves and their families.

DEAR also assists clients with having their records expunged and obtaining certificates of relief.  Black and Latinx communities in Durham are more likely to have low incomes and thus are disproportionately impacted by the collateral consequences of having a criminal record.

If you are a Durham resident with an old court debt or old pending traffic case in Durham, visit the Second Chance Driving website to see if you obtained relief.