The Justice Center serves as home for several coalitions working to expand opportunity and prosperity for the people of North Carolina.

The NC Second Chance Alliance is a growing statewide alliance seeking to ensure that the prison door isn't a revolving door. The alliance promotes the safe and successful reintegration of adults and juveniles returning home from incarceration and calls on legislators to establish a study commission to examine barriers facing those who are formerly incarcerated or have criminal records.Nearly 50 groups and a host of individuals have signed on to support the campaign.



NC Families Care is a coalition working for policies that create healthier families and workplaces in North Carolina. Workers should not have to choose between a paycheck, their job, and their own health or the health of their families. Yet, because of the lack of policies that help workers meet their family responsibilities, many workers face this choice every day. Half of North Carolina’s workers have no paid sick days for short-term illnesses and routine needs, more than half do not qualify for unpaid leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and the vast majority of workers have no wage replacement if they need to take extended leave for their own serious illness, the serious illness of a family member or to care for a new baby. The state of North Carolina has a role to play in promoting family-friendly workplaces policies, and the NC Families Care coalition is working to promote positive work-family policy options.