What we do

The Justice Center has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in North Carolina. Our success in advocating for North Carolina’s low-income and marginalized communities stems from our unique five-strategy approach.

  • Litigation – Our experienced attorneys take on high-impact cases that protect and expand the rights of workers, consumers, immigrants, and low-income families.
  • Public Policy Advocacy – Our skilled advocates work with government officials and allies to secure laws and policies protect and expand economic security.
  • Research – Our expert analysts assess the social and economic challenges confronting low-income families and communities and develop policy recommendations that promote shared prosperity.
  • Community Outreach – Our educators and facilitators partner with community groups and leaders to create movements for change.
  • Communications – Our writers and media specialists generate a wealth of content for both new and traditional media in order to inform the public dialogue and influence state policy.

The North Carolina Justice Center works through seven projects that provide in-depth expertise in the major policy areas impacting poor and working North Carolinians: