On June 7, 2018, the Senate Health Care Committee unveiled a new proposal to rewrite health insurance laws in our state through a proposed committee substitute (PCS) to House Bill 933. The PCS would:

  • Establish new health insurance plans exempt from all state and federal insurance rules, jeopardizing consumer protections, and
  • Allow unlicensed, unregulated health insurance companies to make an easy buck at consumers’ expense.

Specifically, this PCS would cause the following problems and unintended consequences:

  • Make coverage unaffordable for the sick and the old by cherry picking young and healthy enrollees.
  • Segment the individual market, leaving the ACA-compliant risk pool sicker, older, and more expensive.
  • Subject enrollees to bare-bones coverage without adequate benefits or financial protection.

If lawmakers want to help our rural communities afford insurance, they ought to close the coverage gap instead.