Moratorium on New Charter Schools
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: NC’s charter sector has failed to serve as a useful laboratory for innovation; is delivering subpar results for students; exacerbates racial segregation; and increases operating costs in traditional public schools.
RECOMMENDATION: Moratorium on new charters until protections from segregation and cost increases; only approve actually innovative schools
COST: None

Revoke Charters of Virtual Charter Schools
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Model has failed in every state. NC’s two virtual charters among state’s worst-performing schools. Other issues related to charter schools.
RECOMMENDATION: Close down the virtual charter schools
SAVINGS: $4.6 million

Eliminate School Voucher Programs
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Voucher programs drain money from public schools; erode idea of schools as a public good; legalized discrimination; are rife with fraud; and deliver poor results
RECOMMENDATION: Eliminate the state’s three voucher programs
SAVINGS: $35 to $40 million

End Read to Achieve
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Over-testing 3rd graders and threatening retention for failing reading test has caused scores to plummet




RECOMMENDATION: Eliminate Read to Achieve’s testing and retention requirements
COST: $30 million

Eliminate Innovative School District (ISD)/Restore District and School Transformation (DST) Division
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: NCGA eliminated DST supports for low-performing schools. The ISD model: district forfeits control of school to charter operator. ISD has failed in other states, opposed by NC communities. DST has proven track record of improving school performance.
RECOMMENDATION: Eliminate ISD, restore proven DST model
COST: $4.1 million

Convene Blue Ribbon Commission on Testing
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: High-stakes testing regimes narrow curriculum, focus on “bubble” students, and raise stress for students. Stigmatization of schools facing higher outside-of-school barriers. Full abandonment jeopardizes about $900 million of fed funds
RECOMMENDATION: Convene Blue Ribbon Commission to:
Reduce the stakes of our testing regime
Examine implications of non-compliance with federal guidelines
COST: $200,000

Restore Local Calendar Flexibility
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: NC one of just three states that set when districts must begin and end their school year. Hampers district efforts to align calendars with community college courses, address summer learning loss, conduct professional development, and administer exams
RECOMMENDATION: Complete flexibility in providing students with at least 185 days or 1,025 hours of instruction per year
COST: None