Become a Fair Chance Employer

Meaningful and gainful employment is a major factor in reducing recidivism rates for people reentering the workforce after incarceration. Businesses can take additional steps to provide these opportunities and give them the second chance they need,

Why Become a Fair Chance Employer?

  1. Social Impact: By offering employment opportunities to justice-involved individuals, you play a crucial role in reducing recidivism and breaking the cycle of incarceration.
  2. Diverse Talent Pool: Justice-involved people bring unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table, enriching your workforce and fostering innovation.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility: Demonstrating a commitment to fair chance hiring enhances your company’s reputation and strengthens community relations.

Steps to Becoming a Fair Chance Employer

  1. Education and Awareness: Understand the challenges faced by justice-involved people and educate your team about the benefits of fair chance hiring.
  2. Policy Review and Revision: Review your hiring policies and practices to identify and remove barriers to employment for justice-involved people. Consider factors beyond a history with the legal system, such as skills, qualifications, and character.
  3. Ban the Box: Remove questions about criminal history from initial job applications to ensure that candidates are not unfairly disqualified based on past mistakes. Just by including a question about a person’s history with the legal system, you are creating a chilling effect that significantly reduces the chances a justice-impacted person will apply to your organization.
  4. Individualized Assessment: Implement a fair and transparent process for evaluating candidates with criminal records, considering factors such as the nature of the offense, time elapsed, and demonstration of rehabilitation.
  5. Training and Support: Provide training for managers and staff on fair chance hiring practices, including unconscious bias awareness and supportive workplace culture.
  6. Partnerships and Resources: Collaborate with community organizations, reentry programs, and government agencies to access resources, support services, and potential candidates.

Take the First Step Towards Fair Chance Employment

Join us in creating a more inclusive and equitable workforce. By becoming a Fair Chance Employer, you not only transform lives but also build stronger, more resilient communities. Contact us today to learn more about how you can make a difference. Together, we can unlock the potential of every individual and build a brighter future for all.