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Toolkit on Outreach and Education Strategies for Medicaid Expansion

This toolkit is intended to assist community organizers, service providers, canvassers, and community-based organizations in thinking about how they want to integrate best outreach and education practices from other states that have already expanded Medicaid. The toolkit includes a profile and demographic information of North Carolinians most likely eligible for Medicaid expansion, best outreach practices, and guidance on key messages. Also included is a sample script you can use to engage with community members likely eligible for Medicaid expansion. (A Spanish version of the toolkit will be available soon.)

Medicaid Expansion Fact Sheets — English

General Information About Medicaid Expansion Did You Lose NC Medicaid Coverage? NC Medicaid Rules Have
Changed: Everyone Must Renew
Don’t Cancel Your
Family Planning Medicaid


Auto-Enrolling in Medicaid from Family Planning


Medicaid Expansion Fact Sheets — Spanish

¡Ya inicia la expansión de Medicaid! ¿Qué pasa si pierdo mi cobertura de Medicaid? Las reglas de NC Medicaid han cambiado No canceles tu Medicaid de Planificación Familiar


    Cómo inscribirse automáticamente en Medicaid de Planificación Familiar Planning Medicaid


North Carolina Health Insurance Eligibility for Immigrants



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