Make Teacher Pay Competitive with Other Industries
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Successful school systems pay teachers on par with other college-degree requiring professions. NC teacher competitiveness 2nd worst in country.
RECOMMENDATION: Boost teacher pay by 25%
COST: $1.6 billion

Create Incentives for Principals to Lead High-Need Schools
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: New test-based pay scheme dissuades principals from accepting roles in high-need schools
RECOMMENDATION: Differentiate principal pay based on years of experience and share of students in a school qualifying for free-or-reduced price lunch
COST: None

Focus Teacher Bonuses on Recruitment and Retention at High-Need Schools
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: State spends $39 million on test-based bonuses that pit teachers against each other. There is no evidence such bonuses boost performance. Bonuses improve retention at high-need schools.
RECOMMENDATION: Let districts use bonus money to establish recruitment and retention plans tailored to their specific needs
COST: None

Provide All School Employees a Living Wage
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Bus drivers, custodians, child nutrition staff, and teacher assistants left out of state’s $15 minimum wage
RECOMMENDATION: Guarantee that all school district employees receive pay equal to at least $15 per hour, consistent with pay for state employees
COST: $86 million

Allow Collective Bargaining for School Employees
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: NC is one of just two states prohibiting state and local governments from entering into collective bargaining agreements. Districts with strong unions have more highly-qualified teachers, higher retention rates, and lower high-school dropout rates. Teachers in unions have more competitive pay.
RECOMMENDATION: Allow school employees to collectively bargain
COST: None

Restore Funding for Professional Development
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: PD funding eliminated in 2011. High-quality PD boosts student performance and improves recruitment and retention. Policymakers continuing to make teachers’ jobs harder.
RECOMMENDATION: Restore the Professional Development allotment to FY 08-09 levels, adjusted for inflation and student growth
COST: $15.1 million

Restore Funding for Beginning Teacher Support Programs
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: PD funding eliminated in 2011. Effective tool for reducing turnover among beginning teachers and boosting student performance.
RECOMMENDATION: Restore the Mentoring allotment to FY 08-09 levels, adjusted for inflation and student growth
COST: $13.5 million

Restore Professional Status of North Carolina Teachers
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Over past decade, the GA has eliminated  Master’s pay for new teachers, NBPTS application costs, career status, and longevity pay; and has implemented test-based evaluations.
RECOMMENDATION: Restore professional benefits previously enjoyed by NC teachers
COST: Longevity: $100 million
NBPTS application: $3.3 million
Master’s: indeterminate but minimal