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The Workers’ Rights Project is fighting to make sure everyone in North Carolina has a quality job and the support they need when out of a job.

We strive to enforce and expand policies that ensure safe workplaces, fair treatment, a living wage, and a strong safety net in times of hardship. We also seek to improve the well-being of working families and enable workers to access economic security by:

  • Securing and enforcing laws that protect workers from abuses on the job.
  • Empowering all workers to effectively advocate for their rights in the workplace and in the legislature.
  • Securing public policies that improve the economic security of North Carolina’s working families
  • Ensuring all North Carolina workers have access to the training they need to qualify for quality jobs.
  • Supporting programs that seek to achieve the safe and successful reintegration into society of individuals with criminal convictions.

Better workplaces
Every employee deserves strong health & safety standards, protections against wage theft and misclassification, and safeguards for farmworkers, temp workers, and gig-economy workers.

Better wages and benefits
Better jobs will happen when we ensure everyone earns a living wage by raising the minimum wage and making sure everyone has access to paid leave, paid sick days, and unemployment insurance.

Better careers
Working people can have better careers that provide pathways to the middle class through skill development, job training, and inclusive economic development that delivers on its promises for everyone.