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Para Información para Trabajadores Agrícolas en Carolina del Norte, haga clic aquí

The Workers’ Rights Project provides these comprehensive factsheets on basic legal rights relating to employment in North Carolina to fill a need for accessible, reliable information for North Carolina’s low-income workers. We distribute our factsheets as part of our ‘Know Your Rights’ trainings and make them available to all through our website.

Also check out our North Carolina Workers’ Bill of Rights

Our factsheets are not a substitute for legal advice, but they may have the information you need to learn more about your legal rights and the steps you can take to protect them.

Handbook: Know Your Rights as a Worker in NC // Manual: Conozca sus Derechos Como un Trabajador en Carolina del Norte
Manual: Los Derechos Laborales de los Trabajadores con Visa H-2B en Carolina del Norte
Know Your Rights – Applying for Work // Solicitando Trabajo
Know Your Rights – At-Will Employment and Wrongful Termination
Know Your Rights – E-Verify and Document Verification // Sistema E-Verify y verificación de documentos
Know Your Rights – Equal Pay
Know Your Rights – Family and Medical Leave // Licencia Familiar y Médica (FMLA)
Know Your Rights – Health and Safety at Work // Salud y Seguirdad en el Trabajo
Know Your Rights – Home Health Aides
Know Your Rights – Immigrant Workers’ Rights // Derechos de trabajadores inmigrantes
Know Your Rights – J-1 Workers
Know Your Rights – Misclassification: Independent Contractors and Employees // Contratistas Independientes y Empleados
Know Your Rights – Moving Beyond Your Criminal Record
Know Your Rights – Non-Compete Agreements
Know Your Rights – Pregnancy and Parenthood // Equidad en el trabajo — Embarazo y la paternidad
Know Your Rights – Unemployment Insurance // Compensación para Trabajadores
Know Your Rights – Wage Theft // Robo Salarial
Know Your Rights – Workers’ Compensation