What types of things might an employer want me to sign before starting work?
It is becoming common for employers to ask workers to sign all sorts of agreements before starting work. Read carefully and ask questions before signing anything.

Non-compete, non-solicitation, and non-recruit agreements
These agreements restrict the ways workers can work for other employers (either during or after leaving a job), work with the customers or clients from the employer, or recruit the employer’s other workers to work somewhere else. Look to see what exactly you will be prevented from doing if you sign such an agreement, where, and for how long. Try to negotiate with your boss to have the agreement be as narrow as possible.

Arbitration agreements
If you sign an arbitration agreement that will make it difficult or impossible to sue your employer in court if you have a problem. Consider whether you can cross out the arbitration language in your contract.

Authorization for deductions
Your employer may ask you to sign something giving them the right to make certain deductions from your paycheck. Deductions for things the employer should pay for, like tools or safety equipment, are unlawful. If you would prefer to pay for other things such as meals without having the cost deducted from your pay, ask the employer if that’s an option.