FEMA Benefits for Immigrants and Tenants

Do I qualify for government benefits (FEMA) if I am not a US citizen or legal resident?

Click below for information for how North Carolinians impacted by Hurricane Florence, with any immigration status or no status at all, qualify for emergency and short-term assistance provided by FEMA.

FEMA Benefits for Immigrants and Tenants // Beneficios de FEMA para Inmigrantes y Inquilinos

Rights of Tenants After a Natural Disaster // Derechos de Inquilinos Después de un Desastre Natural

Information about your rights as a tenant if your rental property or mobile home lot is damaged by a natural disaster.

Información sobre sus derechos como inquilino si su propiedad de alquiler o terreno de casa móvil está dañado por un desastre natural.