While much of the NC Justice Center’s reputation derives from the integrity of its overall mission to provide legal and policy advocacy for low-income North Carolinians, its work is shaped and enhanced through its relationships with grassroots allies. Together, we work with many partners statewide to build collective power and collaborate for social change.

This aspect of the NCJC’s process is evident in its work on immigrant and refugee rights. Since 1996, we have worked to elevate and support organizations and leaders working in the trenches of immigrant justice alongside those most impacted by harmful policies. Our partners organize their neighbors, serve as a watchdog for ICE and other government agencies, provide interpretation and counseling services, share multilingual information with immigrant families, and coordinate on strategy and overall coalition building.

This work is essential in the current moment when the situation is constantly changing, attacks on immigrants come from multiple directions, and those most impacted by government action feel weak and isolated. Here, the Justice Center’s consistent work to build and expand coalitions has strengthened progressive movements in NC. Going into communities throughout the state to meet with local leaders and organizers, NCJC staff work to bring together different groups to develop a shared understanding of what actions to take. The power that these coalitions bring to the struggle is greater than that of any single organization. It also provides a base from which to fight back against unjust and inhumane government policies.

The North Carolina Justice Center is proud and honored to be part of these networks and coalitions, among others:

El Colectivo NC
El Colectivo NC is a membership group comprised of Latinx grassroots organizations, Latinx nonprofit organizations, and allied groups and organizations in North Carolina.


Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia (MERI)
Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia is a network which stands and acts together against all forms of Islamophobia and racism. We believe that fighting Islamophobia and abolishing anti-Black racism are deeply connected and we work in solidarity with Black leadership. Our work includes organizing workshops and teach-ins to educate on Islamophobia and anti-racism, cultural transformation, challenging local cases of Islamophobia, and mobilizing grassroots campaigns against the people and institutions who are spreading this hatred. As people of conscience, we unite as a network working against all forms of oppression. We call upon people from all backgrounds to join our network and help us in building a more loving and just community.

NC Statewide Police Accountability Network (NCSPAN) has worked to establish a strong statewide alliance of North Carolina organizations that agree to work collectively on police accountability issues and to amplify the voices and the work happening in our local communities. Major areas of collaboration include rapid response, capacity building, research, and information sharing across allied nonprofits and frontline community groups across our state.

The Adelante Education Coalition of NC focuses on education issues affecting Latino and migrant students and their families in North Carolina. The coalition is a collaboration among nonprofit organizations that focus on advocacy and public policy, community organizing, and grassroots support. We are working to ensure that North Carolina has a high-quality K-12 and post-secondary public education system where students will succeed and excel without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, language, culture, socioeconomic or immigration status.

NC Network of Immigrant Advocates (“NetworkIA”)
The Network of Immigrant Advocates was established in 1996 by the NC Justice Center to provide training, technical assistance and community education on immigration law issues, immigrants’ and refugees’ rights, workers’ rights, and immigrants’ access to public benefits and government services. We collaborate with local, regional, statewide and national groups, and work to strengthen the capacity of immigrants’ groups to effectively address individual and community-wide problems that low-income immigrants and refugees face. These collaborations also inform and enhance the work of the Justice Center as a whole. And finally, our Network serves as a mechanism whereby immigrant advocates around North Carolina connect with one another– to share information, build relationships, and work for social change through collective action.