Every employee deserves strong health and safety standards, protections against wage theft and misclassification, and safeguards for farmworkers, temp workers, and gig-economy workers.

TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition calling on state leaders to protect North Carolina meat and poultry processing workers from COVID-19 at work

With more than 800 confirmed cases of COVID-19 at North Carolina meat and poultry processing plants and outbreaks in at least 19 plants, it is urgent that North Carolina’s leaders act swiftly to protect the thousands of workers at these plants who call North Carolina home. We are writing to express our grave concerns about COVID-19 related to working conditions in NC’s poultry and meat processing plants.

Many NC poultry and meat processing plants claim that they have plans for keeping workers safe against the spread of COVID-19. However, workers on the ground are reporting otherwise. Simply put, NC poultry workers are afraid to be at work now because they fear getting sick and getting members of their families and communities sick. They face an impossible choice: between losing their income or risking their lives.