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Oppose state legislation on building codes

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We urge you to join us in opposing House Bill 488, a bad deal for homeowners and a step in the wrong direction for our environment. We agree with Governor Cooper’s veto of this ill-conceived legislation, which will hinder the progress of crucial updates to the state’s building energy conservation codes. This bill undermines expert recommendations considered by the North Carolina Building Code Council over the past two years. Keeping an outdated energy code will result in hundreds of millions of dollars wasted on higher energy costs and homes that may be less safe from hurricanes and other dangerous storms. Under HB 488 policy, new homes in North Carolina would be built to 20-year-old code standards that are less energy efficient and more expensive for occupants to operate. This is not acceptable during a time of significant utility rate increases. Higher energy costs hurt everyone, especially those who already struggle to pay their energy bills.

Please take a moment to urge your lawmaker to oppose House Bill 488 and uphold the Governor’s veto of this harmful legislation.

Support getting NC Back to Work with Automatic Record Expunction

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We urge you to join us in calling upon our lawmakers to prioritize the passage of Senate Bill 565 before the session concludes. The bill is crucial to fully implement the NC Second Chance Act, which enhances access to expungements for hundreds of thousands of eligible North Carolinians who lack access to legal representation. Senate Bill 565 takes a huge step towards ensuring that our justice system provides access to those second chances and recognizing the social and economic value of individuals having access to employment and housing, particularly when they are rehabilitated and have paid their debt to society.

Help stop a harmful bill that targets LGBTQ students

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Senate Bill 49 unfairly targets vulnerable LGBTQ children and contains several provisions that would hamstring school operations and harm broad swaths of students. The impacts would be particularly severe for students who deserve to feel safe seeking mental health support: those with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities, students dealing with trauma in the wake of the pandemic and recent high-profile school shootings and acts of violence, and students dealing with abuse and neglect at home.

Can you contact your Representative and urge them to vote no?

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Tell your N.C. Senator to reject harmful anti-voter bill

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On June 1, 2023, the North Carolina Senate released Senate Bill 747, a harmful anti-voter bill that would:

  • Sharply reduce access to mail-in ballots
  • Gut same-day voter registration
  • Attempt to impose signature matching for mail-in ballots, a practice that is unreliable and discriminatory
  • Disproportionately impact communities of color, rural voters, older voters, those with disabilities, and student voters

Contact your North Carolina Senators today and tell them to reject SB 747.

Support ending debt-based license suspension

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In North Carolina, a driver’s license is automatically suspended for traffic debt that is not paid or resolved by a set deadline or for missing a court date. More than 1.2 million drivers in North Carolina have suspended driver’s licenses for unpaid traffic fines and fees or missing a court date. Approximately 95 percent of North Carolinians drive to work. Therefore, not having a driver’s license can create barriers to obtaining and maintaining meaningful employment. It can also make it hard to obtain affordable housing, attend doctor’s appointments, or care for family members. Low-income families and families of color are disproportionately affected by driver’s license suspensions based on traffic debt.

Where people begin in life should not determine where they end up. When we trap already under-resourced people in further debt, it undermines their ability to advance socially and economically over the course of their lifetimes.

Sign this petition to show your support for ending debt-based driver’s license suspension in North Carolina!