Tell NC House COVID-19 committee to focus on supporting people, public institutions, and a strong economy

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NC House Speaker Tim Moore has established a House Select Committee to respond to COVID-19 with bipartisan representation and has created a portal to collect public comments.

Now more than ever, our state needs bold, public policies from the N.C. General Assembly. North Carolina has immediate needs for healthcare and public health support, to protect families from lost work and strengthen our economy. Even as the federal government is needed to provide critical support to our communities, it is essential that state legislators, starting with the House Select Committee on COVID19, advance solutions that:

  • Recognize our fates are intertwined and make bold commitments to support our neighbors’ health and well-being
  • Focus on people first and their need to replace lost income, put food on the table and keep a roof over peoples’ heads, and should exclude no person for their identity or immigration status
  • Commit our collective resources to build systems that will help every person and every community recover and put our state on sounder footing for the future.

Tell Senators to enact the fiscal relief that NC needs during the COVID-19 pandemic

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North Carolina will soon feel the impacts of a large-scale public health emergency response effort and a simultaneous deep economic shutdown. We will need substantial fiscal relief to address the state’s health needs and avoid deep budget cuts.  

During this deep economic downturn, as workers are laid off, more people will need to turn to Medicaid, unemployment insurance, SNAP, and other forms of public assistance to meet their basic needs.

Now is the time for a comprehensive response to this crisis that includes help for state governments and people who are facing the greatest health and financial risks.

Ask Governor Cooper to stop evictions in North Carolina during COVID-19 crisis

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Sheriffs across North Carolina are continuing to evict families, despite three different orders from Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley that eviction cases should be delayed for 30 days. Many sheriffs do not feel the order gives them the authority to stop enforcing “orders for possession” that were entered in cases before the Chief Justice’s orders.

Governor Cooper needs to act to stop evictions from being carried out and can do so with the broad powers he has to protect the health and safety of the public.

Tell lawmakers to expand Medicaid as an emergency response to COVID-19

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Sign this petition to demand Senate President Berger and House Speaker Moore call an emergency session to expand Medicaid. When more of our neighbors are protected and covered, it protects all of North Carolina. This virus doesn’t stop to ask people if they have a health insurance card or not.

By refusing to expand Medicaid year after year, Senate President Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore have not only caused suffering and economic hardship, they have also left North Carolina vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic.

Leave No Worker Behind

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From our partners at the NC State AFL-CIO: Governor Cooper and his administration are showing decisive leadership by taking vital first steps to reduce the virus’ spread and provide some relief to working people. However, the General Assembly must follow up with actions to ensure working North Carolinians who are directly and indirectly impacted continue to have the resources they need to do their jobs and support their families – leaving no worker behind.

Lawmakers should immediately pass legislation to ensure that our state’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) system will help workers and their families weather this crisis.