Tell lawmakers to reject budget veto override trickery

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Instead of lawmakers coming to the table to negotiate a good budget for our state, House leaders have used trickery to clear the way for an override of the Governor’s veto of their flawed budget. Only 64 out of 120 House members were present during the vote because House leadership said there wouldn’t be a vote on the morning of 9/11, the day we honor so many of our fallen.

Tell lawmakers you support a good budget for North Carolina – one that means providing health care coverage to more North Carolinians and stopping tax cuts so that we can make greater progress toward investment in public schools, environmental protections, and early childhood.

Tell Trump administration to keep their hands off SNAP

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The Trump administration is trying for the second time this year to defy Congress and slash SNAP. Your voice matters now!

A new proposed rule from the Trump administration would severely roll back who can get benefits from the program, meaning approximately 106,000 people, including 38,000 children, would lose critical nutrition assistance and access to free school meals.

The potential impact of this rule change would have a significant impact to families and children in North Carolina who already struggle with hunger. Your voice is extremely important in telling the Trump administration to keep their hands off of programs that North Carolinians deserve and need.


Tell lawmakers to reject Trumpcare bill that jeopardizes affordable health care

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The NC House Rules Committee may soon vote on a bill that would weaken health care protections for North Carolinians with pre-existing conditions, older adults, and women.

The Small Business Health Care Act (S.B. 86) would follow in the footsteps of the Trump administration to loosen restrictions on Association Health Plans (AHPs), a move that a federal judge recently said is “intended and designed to end-run the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.”

Tell your legislators what’s at stake if we don’t Close the Coverage Gap

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As our state budget negotiations get underway, it is important that we keep Medicaid expansion and the families who are impacted at the center of these conversations. Sharing this video about Amanda, a veteran, and her mother Toni, who has fallen into the coverage gap,  will remind our lawmakers that the decisions they make in Raleigh have real life consequences for families across North Carolina.

Let’s honor our promise to our veterans and make sure they and their loved ones have health coverage that doesn’t leave them saddled with debt. Do you have two minutes to email Amanda’s video to your representative?