Call on NC lawmakers to cover people without insurance through Medicaid Expansion

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As a North Carolinian, I urge you to expand Medicaid and ensure more North Carolinians with low incomes can get the health care they need.

By closing the coverage gap through legislation this year, North Carolina should draw down the full federal funding available, cover all those in the coverage gap, and not put in place costly administrative barriers to access that could prove illegal.

Moving to close the coverage gap is urgent. You have the power to provide people from the mountains to the sea with the health care they need.

Tell lawmakers to REJECT anti-immigrant HB370communities.

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Lawmakers are currently considering HB 370, a bill that would force North Carolina sheriffs to act as an extension of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Sheriffs would be forced to honor ICE detainers, a request that asks a local sheriff to hold a person for up to 48 hours so that ICE can determine whether to arrest the individual. Because these detainers are not tied to criminal cases, they aim to require local sheriffs to hold individuals without probable cause, in violation of their constitutional rights.

Forcing sheriffs to act as an extension of ICE undermines public safety by diverting much needed resources away from other safety initiatives, decreasing voluntary reporting of crime, and otherwise spreading fear throughout our immigrant communities.

Tell your lawmakers to cosponsor these bills to expand Medicaid!

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Lawmakers in both houses of the North Carolina General Assembly have filed bills to finally expand Medicaid! Senate Bill 3 and House Bill 5 would benefit 500,000 North Carolinians who need health insurance coverage. North Carolina has the 6th largest uninsured population in the nation, and because of our refusal to expand Medicaid, we’re lagging behind our neighbor Virginia and other red states like Nebraska, Utah, and Idaho who are moving forward with Medicaid expansion.

SB3 and HB5 call for a clean Medicaid expansion, which is critical to keeping overall costs in the health care system low for everyone—even those with private insurance plans—and in building healthier communities across the state. Under a clean expansion, more people would be covered, unlike under alternative proposals that would impose unaffordable premiums or take people’s health care away unless they submit paperwork to prove they’re working.

Tell lawmakers to help working families make ends meet!

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The positive impact of the dollars returned to working families through the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is well-documented. Tax credits for working families, like the EITC, improve health, education, and well-being outcomes for claiming families.

Two EITC bills have been introduced in the NC General Assembly: HB 238 and SB 50.

Take action today: Contact your legislator to urge them to support EITC legislation this session.