Tell NC lawmakers to vote no on the conference budget

Contact your lawmakers today!

North Carolina can afford to invest today if we prioritize people over tax cuts and commit to our collective prosperity. Our state’s well-being depends on it.

Among the most harmful provisions in this budget are:

  • Elimination of the corporate tax on profits
  • Reduction to the personal income tax rate
  • No Medicaid expansion
  • No full funding of a sound basic education for every child as ordered by the courts and constitutionally required

Contact state legislators today and urge them to work for a better budget that meets the needs of families and communities across the state.

We need your voice to expand Medicaid

Tell Your N.C. House Representative to Expand Medicaid

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The North Carolina General Assembly is in the FINAL phase of state budget negotiations. While our leaders debate what will be included and what will be cut, people’s lives hang in the balance.

A budget that doesn’t include Medicaid expansion is unacceptable. Contact your House Representative today! 

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Tell your lawmakers to vote no on HB 951, “Energy Solutions for NC."

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House Bill 951, “Energy Solutions for NC,” will dramatically increase everyone’s energy bill while failing to provide meaningful programs to protect those with low incomes from increased electricity bills.

HB 951 will hurt millions of people in our state. Contact your legislator TODAY and tell them to vote no. 

Text: Demand NC Lawmakers Expand Medicaid

Tell lawmakers to support a conference report that includes Medicaid expansion!

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Right now, the N.C. House and Senate are working to create a joint budget, called a conference report, to determine our spending priorities for the next two years and we need them to prioritize affordable health care.

If North Carolina expands Medicaid, more than 600,000 North Carolinians, 60 percent of whom are people of color, would finally be able to access the care they need to fill their prescriptions, see a doctor and live without the fear of medical bankruptcy.

Contact your lawmaker today!


Text graphic that reads "America can't recover if the South isn't covered"

Tell U.S. Representatives to fund Medicaid expansion

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North Carolinians can no longer wait for leaders in the General Assembly to do the right thing. We need Congress and President Biden to work together to ensure that people in the health coverage gap have a federal pathway to affordable health insurance coverage that doesn’t require approval from our lawmakers in Raleigh. Email lawmakers today!

Tell lawmakers to reject bill that would put vulnerable renters at risk

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House Bill 366 would remove the rights of motel renters and only worsen the housing crisis, which is already at a critical juncture due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Write the committee members TODAY and ask them to reject this bill.

Urgent: Tell Representatives to oppose Farm Act REDA Amendment

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Lawmakers have introduced an amendment to the NC Farm Act (S605) that would hinder working North Carolinians’ ability to pursue legal action when they experience retaliation at work. The amendment would allow conclusions reached by the North Carolina Department of Labor after a limited investigation to have evidentiary effect in a later court action. Only negative findings by NCDOL would be admissible. This is a blatant attack on the basic rights of working people in our state.

Tell your Congressperson to support the Pregnant Worker Fairness Act

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The U.S. House of Representatives will soon vote on an important measure to protect pregnant workers from discrimination. This is a major opportunity to advance family-friendly workplace policy, and we need to make sure all North Carolina members of U.S. Congress know we are counting on them to vote YES on the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act when it comes to the floor for a vote. 

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Tell NC lawmakers we need to raise the state minimum wage

Write lawmakers today!

North Carolina lawmakers have announced the reintroduction of inclusive legislation that raises the state’s minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $15 an hour by 2023 and indexes it to the cost of living, ends the subminimum wage for persons with disabilities, phases out the tipped minimum (currently $2.13 an hour) and repeals exemptions for agricultural and domestic workers.

Tell NCGA: NC working families need a Recovery Rebate

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North Carolina legislators in the House and Senate have introduced the Recovery Rebate for Working Families Act to ensure working families who earn low wages receive a boost at tax time to meet their immediate needs and support long-term benefits to the health and well-being of children and communities.


Tell NC lawmakers we need paid leave.

Contact your lawmakers!

The NC Paid Family Leave Insurance Act and Healthy Families Healthy Workplaces Act would guarantee working North Carolinians access to paid family and medical leave and the ability to earn paid sick days. These policies would allow ALL North Carolinians to be able to choose to be there for our families when it matters most. Let your legislators know why paid leave and paid sick days are important to you.

Tell the NC lawmakers to expand Medicaid once and for all

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The federal American Rescue Plan has been signed into law. Now it’s up to the North Carolina General Assembly to finally take up Medicaid expansion. No more excuses.

Through a provision in the American Rescue Plan, North Carolina would receive additional federal funds as an incentive to expand Medicaid — an estimated $1.7 billion over two years. These dollars are in addition to the enhanced federal match of 90 percent that the state would receive for the expansion population.

Tell your Senator and Representative to fix North Carolina’s Unemployment Insurance system

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The systemic problems with our state’s Unemployment Insurance system must be addressed if North Carolina expects to recover quickly and fully from the recession brought on by COVID-19.

Take a moment to send a message on these priorities and concrete steps necessary to fix North Carolina’s Unemployment Insurance system.