Tell your lawmakers to cosponsor these bills to expand Medicaid!

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Lawmakers in both houses of the North Carolina General Assembly have filed bills to finally expand Medicaid! Senate Bill 3 and House Bill 5 would benefit 500,000 North Carolinians who need health insurance coverage. North Carolina has the 6th largest uninsured population in the nation, and because of our refusal to expand Medicaid, we’re lagging behind our neighbor Virginia and other red states like Nebraska, Utah, and Idaho who are moving forward with Medicaid expansion.

SB3 and HB5 call for a clean Medicaid expansion, which is critical to keeping overall costs in the health care system low for everyone—even those with private insurance plans—and in building healthier communities across the state. Under a clean expansion, more people would be covered, unlike under alternative proposals that would impose unaffordable premiums or take people’s health care away unless they submit paperwork to prove they’re working.

Don’t Let the Federal Government Take Food Assistance Away from Struggling Workers

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On Feb. 1, the federal government published a draft rule that proposes to dramatically weaken the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – formerly known as food stamps – by making it even harder for unemployed and underemployed workers to access food assistance.

This proposed rule comes on the heels of a highly bipartisan effort by Congress just last year to pass a Farm Bill that not only fully funded food assistance programs, but invested in services that would help unemployed and underemployed workers find jobs and careers. By attempting to change this rule, the Trump administration is sidestepping Congress in order to potentially take away food assistance from 755,000 hungry Americans.

We need your help to stop this cruel rule change. Now is your chance to use your voice to tell the Trump administration that taking food assistance away from struggling workers will only hurt them and our communities.

Here is a sample comment:

I am submitting comment in opposition to the administration’s rule to make it more difficult for people to access food assistance through SNAP. SNAP is a critical program both here and North Carolina and throughout the rest of the nation. It helps families and workers survive tough times and helps people get back on their feet while also pumping dollars into local economies. [ADD COMMENTS TALKING ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF SNAP IN YOUR COMMUNITY] Taking away food assistance from someone who has lost a job or is struggling to find work is not the way to help them, in fact, it only makes things more difficult. [ADD COMMENTS ON WHY TAKING FOOD ASSISTANCE AWAY WILL NOT HELP PEOPLE FIND WORK]


Points you can include:

  • Why and how is food assistance important in you community?
  • What are the supports struggling workers actually need to find steady and meaningful work?
  • Any personal experience you or people you know have had with work reporting requirements or red tape and administrative issues in receiving much needed support

YOUR COMMENT MATTERS! The administration is legally required to read every unique comment submitted in response to its proposed rule. By detailing your specific concerns about the rule change, you can help our partners build a legal argument against any rule changes that will hurt struggling workers. Please make sure to add a personal comment of at least a couple sentences to the sample and submit by April 1 to ensure it is reviewed by the Trump administration!

Ask your NC Congressional delegation to support the FAMILY Act!

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The FAMILY Act, recently reintroduced in Congress, would establish a Family Medical Leave Insurance program that would provide working people with paid family medical leave to recover from childbirth or serious illness, care for an aging loved one or welcome a newborn or adopted child to the home.

This policy would allow North Carolinians – and all Americans – to be able to choose to be with their families when it matters most.