HEROES Act Needs Your Action

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The U.S. House voted late last week to approve the HEROES Act which seeks to further respond to COVID-19 and address key issues that have been neglected or inadequately addressed. 

The HEROES Act is a plan of the scale we need to support our country during this pandemic.  Tell our Senators to support key features of the HEROES Act.  

More than 1 million North Carolinians have filed for Unemployment Insurance. People are lining up for miles outside food banks. And our state is facing revenue losses of at least $4 billion.

Tell your Senator and Representative to fix North Carolina’s unemployment system

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The North Carolina General Assembly must include addressing the systemic problems with our state’s Unemployment Insurance system in their next legislative proposals to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

With more than 1 million Unemployment Insurance claims since the start of the pandemic in North Carolina, it is critical that state legislators address the problems with the UI system.

Call on state leaders to protect NC meat and poultry processing workers from COVID-19 at work

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With more than 800 confirmed cases of COVID-19 at North Carolina meat and poultry processing plants and outbreaks in at least 19 plants, it is urgent that North Carolina’s leaders act swiftly to protect the thousands of workers at these plants who call North Carolina home.

Sign the petition to express our grave concerns about COVID-19 related to working conditions in North Carolina’s poultry and meat processing plants.

Urge NCGA to support a COVID-19 package for our public schools and ALL North Carolina students

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Lawmakers returned to Raleigh this week, aiming to pass a series of bills to help public schools manage through the COVID-19 crisis. There are major differences between the competing plans released by the Senate, the House, the Governor, and the State Board of Education (SBE).

Lawmakers have moved with tremendous speed to address the myriad issues faced by our schools due to the pandemic. Both the Governor and House plans offer commendable starting points but all of these plans could be improved. Write your lawmaker today!