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Tell Senator Tillis and Burr to act on unemployment benefits TODAY

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Take a moment today to call on our U.S. Senators and tell them to extend Unemployment Insurance provisions and reinstate a boost to payments that make sure people who have lost jobs can survive the pandemic and the downturn.

This time is critical in the work to secure a down payment on federal COVID-19 relief.  The strength of our recovery moving forward will depend on federal action now.

Add Your Name to Fight for Affordable Healthcare and Support Southerners for Medicaid Expansion!

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Tell N.C. lawmakers to put people first. We deserve better.  

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COVID-19 is putting pressure on North Carolina communities and state finances. We need a public response that puts people first by fully funding essential public services. Investing state funds in our public institutions would improve health care access, keep people housed, expand educational opportunities, and fuel our economy. When wealthy corporations and households don’t contribute their share, we all pay the price.

Tell N.C. lawmakers to put people first. We deserve better.  

Tell your Senator and Representative to fix North Carolina’s Unemployment Insurance system

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The systemic problems with our state’s Unemployment Insurance system must be addressed if North Carolina expects to recover quickly and fully from the recession brought on by COVID-19.

With federal UI programs set to begin expiring at the end of July, North Carolina policymakers must make these changes and ensure that the duration of UI matches the national standard of 26 weeks rather than the sliding scale of 12 to 20 weeks.

Take a moment to send a message on these priorities and concrete steps necessary to fix North Carolina’s Unemployment Insurance system.