Tell lawmakers to expand Medicaid through the final budget

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Call on your N.C. lawmakers TODAY to put together a final budget deal that includes Medicaid expansion.

House and Senate budget writers are working on a final version of the budget. It is crucial conference members hear from as many constituents as possible that a final budget must close the coverage gap to provide 500,000 North Carolinians with the care they need.

Health care can’t wait and the final budget is the last and best opportunity to expand Medicaid in NC.

Oppose Trump’s latest attack on working people!

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The Trump Administration is proposing new rules for the U.S. Department of Labor that will prevent people working in many of the lowest wage industries from suing companies for violating wage and hour and child labor laws.

The proposed rule change will make it easier for companies to dodge labor laws. This will harm people who work for construction or other subcontractors, temporary or staffing company workers, farmworkers who work with crew leaders, and many others.

Companies who contract out their labor must be legally accountable for violations of wage and hour and child labor laws. Tell the DOL not to let contracting companies off the hook.

Tell your legislators what’s at stake if we don’t Close the Coverage Gap

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As our state budget negotiations get underway, it is important that we keep Medicaid expansion and the families who are impacted at the center of these conversations. Sharing this video about Amanda, a veteran, and her mother Toni, who has fallen into the coverage gap,  will remind our lawmakers that the decisions they make in Raleigh have real life consequences for families across North Carolina.

Let’s honor our promise to our veterans and make sure they and their loved ones have health coverage that doesn’t leave them saddled with debt. Do you have two minutes to email Amanda’s video to your representative?

Tell lawmakers to support the FAMILY Act and the Healthy Families Act

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Paid leave is critical for dads when they need to bond with new children, recover from serious medical situations, care for spouses who are critically ill, or be there for their own parents as they age. Paid sick days allow working dads to stay home with a sick kid or go to the doctor when they are sick themselves.

Let’s give working dads – and all working people – the support they need to be there when their families need them most. Tell lawmakers to support the FAMILY Act and the Healthy Families Act.