Tell NC House to vote against costly and problematic voucher programs

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Tell the NC General Assembly to vote against the costly and problematic House Bill 32! Expanding voucher programs will reduce available revenue for traditional and charter schools.

H32 would expand North Carolina’s unaccountable voucher programs far beyond the program’s intended scope. Under the bill, the Opportunity Scholarship voucher program would further shift away from its original purpose by serving increasingly more affluent families and those who would have already attended private school.

Tell the NC lawmakers to expand Medicaid once and for all

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The federal American Rescue Plan has been signed into law. Now it’s up to the North Carolina General Assembly to finally take up Medicaid expansion. No more excuses.

Through a provision in the American Rescue Plan, North Carolina would receive additional federal funds as an incentive to expand Medicaid — an estimated $1.7 billion over two years. These dollars are in addition to the enhanced federal match of 90 percent that the state would receive for the expansion population.

Tell your Senator and Representative to fix North Carolina’s Unemployment Insurance system

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The systemic problems with our state’s Unemployment Insurance system must be addressed if North Carolina expects to recover quickly and fully from the recession brought on by COVID-19.

Take a moment to send a message on these priorities and concrete steps necessary to fix North Carolina’s Unemployment Insurance system.

Add Your Name to Fight for Affordable Healthcare and Support Southerners for Medicaid Expansion!

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