North Carolina has an unprecedented opportunity to provide health care to those currently without insurance through Medicaid expansion.


The NC General Assembly has rejected federal dollars to expand Medicaid for the last five years, repeatedly choosing politics over the health and well-being of North Carolinians.

Republicans and Democrats came together to finally pass Medicaid expansion last year in Virginia – and now 33 states across the country have closed the coverage gap so that people with low incomes who didn’t have the care they need can now get affordable, quality care.

If the NC General Assembly expanded Medicaid, more than 500,000 North Carolinians would become eligible for the coverage they need to get care for chronic conditions, prevent illness and disease progression and live healthy, productive lives.

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Medicaid expansion would:

  • Provide coverage to people who form the backbone of our economy and need access to care and services
  • Help people get the medication and treatment they need, especially for substance use disorders or chronic conditions like diabetes
  • Inject our tax dollars back into the state to provide more coverage for more people and allow state dollars currently spent on care to be redirected to other priorities
  • Protect families from medical debt and bankruptcy
  • Help rural hospitals that are struggling to keep up with providing care for uninsured people
  • Create jobs and stimulate economic activity, especially in the health care industry

It is important that policymakers not erect costly and unnecessary barriers to accessing Medicaid for those currently in the coverage gap.

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