Love Thy Neighbor Campaign for Medicaid Expansion

We NEED your help! In a huge win for health equity in North Carolina, House Bill 76—which expands Medicaid to over 600,000 of our neighbors—passed the N.C. House for the first time ever on February 16, 2023. But the N.C. Senate still needs to be convinced to support the bill. Help us keep the spotlight on the need for Medicaid expansion in North Carolina by participating in the following activities hosted by the NCJC Health Advocacy Project and its partners.

Write Letters to the Editor

Send letters to the editor (250 words or less) at local newspapers across the state. Use this toolkit to craft your letter to the editor.

Call Your Senator

Call your N.C. Senator and ask them to support and pass House Bill 76. To reach your Senator, enter your location here or text NCMEDEX to 747464 (you will get a reply asking for your ZIP code; when you reply with your ZIP, you will receive a call that connects you to your Senator).

Other Medicaid Expansion Activities

Share Your Story

Are you uninsured or having trouble paying for medical care? Are you dealing with medical debt? Have you experienced racial bias while seeking medical treatment? Have you lost insurance because of a job loss due to COVID-19? If you have been impacted by a lack of insurance, then we’d like to hear from you. Your story could make a huge difference in helping us fight these healthcare injustices in North Carolina. Compensation is possible after an initial interview. Sign up to share your story. 

Record a Short Video

Are you interested in recording a short video about why North Carolina should expand Medicaid? Personal experiences are powerful and can make a HUGE difference in helping our elected leaders understand how public policies impact families. Record your video here.

Join a Statewide Call

Join a call with advocates across the state to brainstorm strategies and actions to push Medicaid expansion in North Carolina over the finish line. Find out more and register here.