Rebecca Cerese joined the NC Justice Center in October 2018, becoming the first Health Engagement Coordinator for the Health Advocacy Project.

This new position allows her to use her experience as a documentary filmmaker and producer to find and capture compelling stories that highlight the many North Carolinians struggling to access quality, affordable health care, especially those who fall in the Medicaid Coverage Gap. Her films have been nationally and locally broadcast on PBS and played at film festivals around the county and tell stories that are centered around social and economic justice.

Working on projects like Rebecca’s award-winning film, February One – The Story of the Greensboro Four, has given her an understanding of the devastating impact of racial, gender and socioeconomic disparities on our society. Being an activist at heart, she understands how these compelling and personal stories can motivate people to advocate for societal changes. Her passion for healthcare justice comes from a very personal place, watching her mother struggle through breast cancer treatment without any insurance. Never wanting another family to have to deal with that kind of financial stress, she got involved with activism during the ACA hearings. Recently, as part of a volunteer group called Healthcare For All, Y’all, Rebecca has educated herself on the problems and complexities in our health care system. Armed with this knowledge, combined with her passion for storytelling she is excited to work with the Health Advocacy Project to empower people to use their stories to change public health policy in North Carolina.

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