March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the incredible achievements of women throughout history and in our community! For those of us who are passionate about social issues and equity, the month of March is an opportunity to recognize the achievements of all women, honor those who fought and continue to fight for gender equity, and recognize the progress we’ve made toward a more just and equal society. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the work that remains.

March 6 was Women’s Equal Pay Day, which is the date that symbolizes how far into the calendar year women must work to earn the same as men. The date is calculated using an average, but women of color fare even worse when it comes to the wage gap: Black Women’s Equal Pay Day is July 9, Latina Equal Pay Day is October 3, and Native Women’s Equal Pay Day is November 21.

Still, there are reasons for optimism, as you’ll see below. Women in our state are organizing, unionizing, and drawing attention to the disparities they face in the workplace.

They cannot and should not do that work alone, however.

I hope you will honor and support the women in your spheres—personal and professional—who are making a difference. Thank you for joining us in this work to achieve fairness and equity for all the women in North Carolina.

With gratitude, Reggie Shuford

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