RALEIGH (April 30, 2024) – The ACLU of North Carolina, Carolina Migrant Network, Muslim Women For, El Pueblo, and the North Carolina Justice Center stand firmly opposed to the anti-immigrant bill HB10 “Require Sheriffs to Cooperate with ICE.”

The bill circumvents the local authority of sheriffs by requiring them to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and assist in the federal government’s deportation pipeline. The proposed legislation provides no protection for witnesses and crime victims, including domestic violence survivors. Requiring absolute compliance with ICE’s demands will further erode community trust in law enforcement.

Research shows that when police and sheriffs cooperate with federal immigration agents, it discourages immigrants from reporting crimes and serving as witnesses.

HB10 will not make our communities safer. It will further marginalize immigrant communities by fanning the flames of anti-immigrant rhetoric and sowing distrust in our communities.

“Divisive bills like HB10 not only undermine democratic values but also instill fear and insecurity within immigrant communities. By compelling cooperation with ICE and enforcing immigration detainers without exception, HB10 worsens the impact of racial profiling and unjust treatment, compromises public safety, and intensifies the vulnerability of immigrant communities,” Liz Barber, Policy Director ACLU of North Carolina

“ICE will never make our communities safer and a forced collaboration between them and local sheriffs, as lawmakers have tried to make happen through bills like HB10, will only hurt all NC communities. This bill will interfere with decisions about local resources and priorities, expose sheriffs and counties to expensive lawsuits for constitutional violations, and weaken community trust in law enforcement.” Iliana Santillan, Executive Director of El Pueblo

“In 2018 and 2022, voters in various counties throughout the state overwhelmingly voted for sheriffs that represented their values and vowed to end voluntary ICE collaboration. HB10 is an attack on our democracy. It is a slap in the face of voters. By attempting to pass HB10, NC voters are being disenfranchised. We implore Senators to vote no on HB10.” Stefanía Arteaga, Co-Executive Director of Carolina Migrant Network.

“Immigrant communities in North Carolina should not have to live in fear of being detained, deported, or separated from their families. The passage of HB 10 will not serve to keep North Carolinians safe. It will only continue a legacy of surveillance and racial profiling of Black, brown, and immigrant communities and dilute trust of our democratic institutions.” Lela Ali, Co-Director of Muslim Women For

“North Carolina needs policies that strengthen families and communities and build trust between civic institutions and neighborhoods. Harmful legislation like House Bill 10 further divides us by targeting our state’s most marginalized communities while circumventing the local authority of sheriffs.” Maryam Khan, Staff Attorney, NC Justice Center