RALEIGH (April 27, 2022) – The North Carolina Justice Center commends Republican Judge Michael L. Robinson for his recent order confirming that the state of North Carolina still owes our children substantial additional resources in order to provide them with the opportunity to receive a sound basic education. His order establishes that the state owes $785 million to fund the comprehensive remedial plan developed in the Leandro case. We continue to applaud the original order by Judge Lee, mandating transfer of funds to effectuate the funding requirement where the legislature has steadfastly refused to fully comply, but understand Judge Robinson was without authority to continue that provision given the Court of Appeals ruling to the contrary, and that issue is now squarely before the North Carolina Supreme Court.

North Carolina children, particularly those living in poverty, multilingual learners, students of color, and students with disabilities, have waited far too long for their constitutional rights to be enforced. We cannot afford to wait any longer.

We look forward to the case moving to the Supreme Court and hope for a speedy resolution that will finally enforce children’s and families’ rights to the meaningful educational opportunities guaranteed under the North Carolina Constitution.