RALEIGH (March 20, 2024) – The North Carolina Justice Center released its 2024 policy agenda ahead of the 2024 legislative short session. The agenda calls on lawmakers to expand access to robust public education and work opportunities, improve health care systems, ensure access to affordable housing, and improve the fairness of the criminal legal system.

In addition, the agenda encourages lawmakers to invest in critical safety net supports that insulate households and local economies against a potential downturn.

Specific proposals include:

  • Repealing scheduled reductions in corporate income tax rates
  • Adopting regulations to safeguard agricultural workers and other professions from heat stress and airborne infectious diseases
  • Strengthening consumer protections against medical debt and requiring large healthcare facilities to provide patients with a financial assistance policy and post-visit price information
  • Opposing an anti-immigrant bill that circumvents the local authority of sheriffs by requiring them to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • Fully funding the Leandro Comprehensive Remedial Plan and reversing the diversion of public revenue from public to private education
  • Streamlining the automatic expunction process for those with criminal records
  • Strengthening consumer protections against debt settlement companies

“As our lawmakers head back to Jones Street this spring, we hope they will use the opportunity to work toward just and equitable policies that support our neighbors,” said Adam Svolto, Director of Policy & Engagement at the North Carolina Justice Center. “The short session is a great opportunity to build a state where all North Carolinians can thrive.”

Read the full policy agenda.