Read our full coalition letter to Attorney General Stein.

In solidarity with 25 organizations across the state, our coalition is releasing this letter to urge Attorney General Stein to publicly oppose Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina’s proposal to restructure in House Bill 346. 

Blue Cross NC is the largest health insurance company in the state, serving over 4.3 million policyholders. Any changes to its structure must be done with thoughtfulness, transparency, and public input. 

However, last week, the power and influence of Blue Cross NC were on full display when HB 346 glided through two committee meetings with almost no public input, questions, or discussion and was immediately calendared for a House vote. This lack of transparency is unacceptable. We hope that Attorney General Stein will uphold his duty to protect the people from pecuniary corporate interests by voicing strong opposition to the bill as it makes its way to the North Carolina Senate. 

The Attorney General’s support would help slow HB 346’s progress in order to build in a process for public comment, a legislative study that examines the impacts in states that have gone through similar restructurings, and a health impact study to determine future costs for policyholders. 

With urgency, we implore Attorney General Stein to put the people of North Carolina first and recognize that this is a cause worth fighting for, no matter the opposition.