North Carolina has introduced a new online system, the “Residency Determination Service” (RDS), for students applying to college to determine whether they are “residents” or “non-residents” for purposes of tuition. This can also include resident and non-resident costs and/or scholarships. This online system requires students to log on to a website and answer questions about themselves and their parents to see if they qualify for in-state tuition. The system requires students to answer questions about their parents’ Social Security number or an ITIN number, or other ID.

If a student enters an ITIN Number for his or her parent, the system should allow the student to proceed through the rest of the process without problem. If the student chooses the option of “Your parent/Legal Guardian does not wish to supply an identification number,” the system will automatically classify the student as a “non-resident” for tuition purposes, even if the student has lived in North Carolina for her whole life and has other documents to prove her resident status.