Jack Holtzman, Senior Attorney, Consumer & Housing Project

Jack Holtzman
Senior Attorney, Consumer & Housing Project

jack@ncjustice.org | (919) 856-2165

Jack Holtzman came to the Justice Center litigation unit as a Senior Attorney in 2002. Since his arrival, Jack successfully has litigated a series of important cases on behalf of workers, public housing tenants, persons with disabilities, consumers, public school students, immigrants and many others. Holtzman has also served as a trainer and public speaker and has authored an important report on immigrant access to public benefits. Prior to joining the Justice Center, Jack was a policy analyst with the N.C. Assn of Community Development Corporations, working on affordable housing and community economic development issues. During the 1980’s and 90’s, Jack worked as a Legal Services attorney and then litigated in federal court as an attorney with N.C. Prisoner Legal Services.