Bad Legislation (hopefully) Ignored

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The table below lists only bad legislation (hopefully) ignored in the state legislature.

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Bill Number Summary
SB 518

Extends the separation period from one to two years for married couples wanting a divorce.

HB 705

Prevents local governments from passing local gun ordinances more stringent that state law.

HB 695

Protects North Carolinians from the application of foreign law.

HB 624

Allows weapons to be brought onto school campuses when locked in a vehicle, or to allow concealed weapons in a bar or restaurant.

HB 619

Directs the Attorney General to bring an action to determine whether provisions of the US National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 are unconstitutional.

HB 617

Asserts State sovereignty under the 10th Amendment.

HB 109

Repeal the law requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets.

HB 703

Repeal local smoking ordinances banning smoking in public places including parks and beaches.

HB 494

Allow NC to create a state official religion.