End the Bush Tax Cuts on Income Over $250,000

Congress is considering what to do with the Bush Tax Cuts that expire at the end of the year.

The House of Representatives recently passed a plan that would extend all of the Bush Tax Cuts, including tax breaks on income over $250,000. This would cost the federal government roughly $60 billion more than the Senate-passed plan, which would just extend the tax cuts on income under $250,000 and would provide a greater benefit to middle-class households.

The Bush Tax Cuts on income over $250,000 benefit only 1.4% of North Carolinians and come at the expense of our collective investment in building economic opportunity for all North Carolinians.

In fact, the richest 1% of North Carolinians would receive an additional tax cut under the House-passed plan of $32,060 each year.

If we don't end the tax cuts on income over $250,000, then checks will continue to be sent to the richest North Carolinians while the middle class gets stuck with the tab.

Sign our petition today. And VOID additional tax cuts for the richest North Carolinians.