LEGISLATIVE BULLETIN: Real Reform of the State Health Plan

By Adam Searing and Adam Linker, Health Access Coalition


  • STATE HEALTH PLAN REFORMS MUST be balanced and not make coverage unaffordable for state workers and their families.
  • AN INDEPENDENT AUDIT of State Health Plan administrator Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is required to investigate possible overcharges.
  • LEGISLATORS SHOULD REQUIRE nonprofit Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina to realize greater savings and help cover cash shortages at the State Health Plan.
  • LEGISLATORS SHOULD NOT SPEND MONEY to institute invasive programs such as smoking and
    obesity restrictions when actuaries have not projected any cost savings for these measures.
  • LEGISLATORS SHOULD ESTABLISH a Blue Ribbon Commission of independent experts to examine long-term
    solutions for containing costs and maintaining the financial viability of the State Health Plan to report to the General Assembly next year.
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