NC HEALTH REPORT: Blue Cross Exchange Bill Hearing Tomorrow; Small business entrepreneur Tish Galu on the exchange

March 28, 2011
By Adam Searing and Adam Linker

BLUE CROSS BILL TO GUT HEALTH REFORM EXCHANGE/MARKETPLACE WILL BE HEARD TOMORROW: A new version of H115, Blue Cross’s bill is scheduled for hearing in the House Health Committee this Tuesday, March 29th at 10am in room 1228 of the Legislative Building (note this is a new location) in Raleigh. Not a single one of the extremely broad range of consumer advocate organizations I have talked to has seen any new version of this legislation - still - and any changes are likely to follow just what the health industry wants.

VIDEO: SMALL BUSINESS ENTREPRENEUR TISH GALU – Let’s have small businesspeople on the board of the health exchange – and not health insurers! Galu spoke last week at a press conference organized by Representative Verla Insko (D-Orange) featuring women impacted by the new health care reform law.


You can see all of them at our nchealthaccess YouTube Channel.

Robert Walker, who explains how the award-winning system of health care in Buncombe County fundamentally changed his life.

Leslie Boyd tells her powerful story here about her son.

Carolyn Comeau told her story here about living with breast cancer and how an insurance company told her that this made her not “squeaky-clean.”

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