NC HEALTH REPORT: Special Blue Cross Postcard Edition

November 4, 2009
Editors: Adam Searing and Adam Linker


VIDEO: See last week's Postcard Protest where people fed up with Blue Cross gathered outside company headquarters in Chapel Hill to express their feelings.

Our first viral video (4100 views and counting): Amazingly, many more people prefer to see Al Franken take down a conservative health "expert" than Adam and Adam expound on health policy issues. Who knew?

PROGRESSIVE PULSE: SPECIAL BLUE CROSS POSTCARD OVERVIEW: You can see the full mailer Blue Cross sent out around the state here.

Representative Pricey Harrison makes her own creative modifications to her Blue Cross postcard.

Pitt County Commissioners vote to protest Blue Cross anti-reform postcard campaign.

Blue Cross claims its statewide postcard anti-reform campaign won't "significantly" impact health premiums. Blue Cross op-ed - fear of change causes unreasonable lashing out.

Fed up with Blue Cross? Try a polite message to their board - we show you how.

Blue Cross and their other campaign - targeting individual "community leaders."

Another Blue Cross postcard changed for the better. And another great changed one.  And yet another one!

How Adam S. altered his Blue Cross postcard.

Backfiring Blue Cross postcard campaign.

National news picks up on postcard mania.

NC Blue Cross - Model Corporate Citizen.


NC Docs say Blue Cross trying to circumvent state law.

Elon Poll - Majority of NC favors public option.

Another Blue Cross claim gets subjected to our truth-o-meter.

State Health Plan settles class action lawsuit for $5.6 million. Does this affect their financial health?

House health reform bill - A first look.

Cheek swab mania.

The significance of the public option health plan for North Carolina.

Controlling health costs - Provide care more like Duke Hospital.

Limits of cancer screening part II.

KEEP PUSHING: We need to pass these reform bills in the House and Senate and soon.  People need relief and can't wait. The House is likely to act in the next week or so, but more and more delay seems to be happen in the Senate.

Call Senator Hagan and your Congressional Representative and let them know that 1. North Carolinians need AFFORDABLE health care options as a part of reform and 2.  NC Blue Cross, with 96.8% of the market in NC, could use some competition from a public health plan option.  Here's the number that makes it easy: 1-866-279-5474.

HEALTH REFORM PRESS CONFERENCE: "Vote Yes" Press Conference and Health Care Report Roll-Out
WHO: James Andrews - NC AFL-CIO President
Tony McKinnon - Sandhills Labor Council
Kay Zwan - Health Care for America Now
Jonathon Bray - AFSCME Political Coordinator
WHEN: Wednesday, November 4th, 2009, 11:00am
WHERE: Rep. McIntyre's Fayetteville Office
301 Green Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301
Jonathon Bray (202) 215-1406

BRIEFINGS ON STATE BUDGET HAPPENING ALL OVER NC: In November and December the NC Justice Center and United Way of NC are going across the state to present insightful analysis by our Budget and Tax Center experts and others on the sorry state of our budget. See the schedule.

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