MEDIA RELEASE: Obama's immigration move: "important step forward"

If implemented as advertised, says NC Justice Center, stopping DREAMer deportations will be a “much-welcomed step toward a more just and sane immigration policy”


RALEIGH (June 15, 2012) – Today's announcement from the Obama administration is an important step forward toward a world with opportunity and prosperity for all. It's long past time we stopped deporting DREAM Act eligible youth. Deportation is not now and has never been a feasible or moral answer to the issues with our broken immigration system.

It is important to see how this policy will be implemented. “Prosecutorial discretion,” once heralded as an answer to so-called “low priority” deportations, proved to be an empty promise.

If the new policy is implemented as advertised, though, it will be a much-welcomed step toward a more just and sane immigration policy. Allowing young people to educate themselves and contribute to America will always be a better option than costly and ineffective blanket deportations that break up families.

Under the new policy, undocumented people will have more of an opportunity to contribute to economic prosperity. This will benefit all North Carolina communities. Now, instead of undocumented youth feeling no hope for the future, they can pursue their dreams of college and earning a living – contributing the communities they love.

Credit goes to the administration, yes, but also to the myriad grassroots activists working tirelessly toward better government policy and better lives for undocumented people in America. Many DREAMers have taken inspiring and courageous steps – at great personal risk – to tell the truth about their lives so that this kind of change became possible.

Let's choose opportunity, not deportation, and meaningful reform, not broken policy that breaks up families.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Lisa Chun, immigration attorney, NC Justice Center,; (919) 861-2075; Dani Moore, NC Justice Center Immigrants Rights Project,; (919) 856-2178; Jeff Shaw, director of communications,, (503) 551-3615.