MEDIA RELEASE: New report on health care reform's impact on small business released Thursday

WASHINGTON (June 11, 2009) -- Small business owners overwhelmingly support smart, comprehensive health care reform that reduces costs. Now, a small business organization is releasing a long-awaited report on three different reform options.

Small Business Majority is releasing this long-awaited research study, "The Economic Impact of Healthcare Reform on Small Business," on Thursday, June 11. The economic analysis, done by Jonathan Gruber of M.I.T., nationally on Thursday, compares the impact of three different reform models on small business healthcare costs, jobs, wages and profits with that of no reform.

"Health reform that brings costs down for the consumer benefits everyone, including small business," said Adam Searing of the NC Justice Center's Health Access Coalition. "We've spoken small business owners here in North Carolina who consider bringing health care costs down among their top priorities."

Searing interviewed Lou Meyers, a small business owner in Durham since 1986, about his vision for health reform earlier this year. As a small business owner who has to deal with rising costs and insurance company red tape, Meyers is a staunch advocate of reform.

The Small Business Majority report is embargoed until Thursday morning, and will be available at
FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Adam Searing, 919.856.2568.