MEDIA RELEASE: Together NC Apologizes For South Carolina Video

Together NC Apologizes for South Carolina Video
Group says SC now education leader in Carolinas

Raleigh, NC (June 15, 2011) – In light of the NC Legislature’s historic cuts to education,Together NC issued a letter to South Carolina legislators today apologizing for an earlier video mocking the state.
“Last January, we produced and released a short video poking fun at what we perceived to be the inadequately funded education and public safety systems of South Carolina,” the letter begins. “Well, as it turns out, the joke is on us.”

The General Assembly’s proposed state budget will drop North Carolina to 49th in the country in per pupil spending, behind not only South Carolina, but also Mississippi. With such a precipitous drop in education funding, Together NC no longer felt it was appropriate to mock North Carolina’s southern neighbor.
“It appears as though North Carolina now takes a back seat to everyone except Utah when it comes to funding for our K-12 schools,” said Rob Thompson, a Together NC coordinator. “Since that’s the case, it’s only right for us to apologize for making fun of South Carolina.”

The Together NC video in question highlighted a number of public investments that have been good for North Carolina, including public schools and first responders. The video invokes South Carolina as a warning to North Carolina’s elected officials about the consequences of cutting these investments.

Together NC is a collection of more than 130 non-profit organizations, service providers, and professional associations who have come together to promote wise choices for shared prosperity for all North Carolinians.
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