MEDIA RELEASE: Together NC presents Speak NC, a new video series highlighting NC citizens

Together NC presents Speak NC, a new video series highlighting NC citizens
The weekly video series will document individuals, families, and groups who rely on state services

RALEIGH (April 1, 2011) – Voters will finally be given a chance to tell their own personal stories on a new website that aims to give a voice to everyday citizens being personally affected by the state budget debate.

On Monday, Together NC will release a trailer announcing the launch of the new Speak NC website, which will highlight North Carolina citizens with a weekly video series.

Speak NC aims to show the human impact of state programs and services that touch thousands of North Carolinians every year.

Each Monday, Speak NC will post a new video that documents how an individual, family, or group of people benefits from various state services. Many of these services are at risk of severe cuts, as state legislators meet at the General Assembly and strategize how to balance the state budget.

“Missing from our state budget debate was a real sense of how state services impact real people, their families, and communities amidst all the numbers,” said Louisa Warren, a coordinator of Together NC. “Speak NC is about changing that and bringing forth the voices of North Carolinians to speak for themselves about how public investments have enriched their lives and paved the way for economic opportunity.”

Together NC invites citizens to watch the stories on Speak NC and share them with friends, family, and local legislators to demonstrate how many of these programs provide crucial aid to families and bolster local economies.

Visit Speak NC at

Together NC is a collection of more than 115 non-profit organizations, service providers, and professional associations who have come together to promote wise choices for shared prosperity for all North Carolinians. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Together NC coordinators: Louisa Warren, (919) 801-0465, or Rob Thompson, (919) 649-2449,