Defenders of Justice: Past Recipients

Congratulations to our 2012 Defenders of Justice Award Honorees


State Representative Larry Hall of Durham County for his commitment to protecting vulnerable families and members of the military from predatory lenders, safeguarding voting rights, and expanding opportunities for low-income individuals and communities throughout the state.



State Representative Deborah Ross of Wake County for her dedication to increasing access to affordable housing and public transportation, protecting civil rights, and reforming North Carolina's tax system to make it more fair and transparent.




Disability Rights North Carolina for their research and advocacy efforts to uphold the fundamental rights of people with disabilities to live free from harm in the communities of their choice and with the opportunity to participate fully and equally in society.




Mary Lee Hall of Legal Aid of NC's Farmworker Unit for fighting to protect the rights and improve the well-being of the tens of thousands of migrant and seasonal farmworkers who work in North Carolina's fields.




Reuben Blackwell of the Opportunities Industrialization Center in Rocky Mount for his tenacity in opening doors to opportunity, breaking down barriers, and standing up for the rights and well-being of the people of Rocky Mount and the state.





Sen. Josh Stein
Rep. Angela Bryant
Democracy NC
Elliot Pishko Morgan, PA
Coalición de Organizaciones Latino-Americanas
Community Success Initiative



Sen. Joe Sam Queen
Rep. Garland Pierce
Great Schools in Wake
Jane Wettach
Kay Zwan



Rep. Pricey Harrison
Sen. Floyd McKissick, Jr.
John Alan Jones and Chris Olson of Martin & Jones
Angaza Laughinghouse



Rep. Jennifer Weiss
Charlotte Observer reporters Peter St. Onge, Kerry Hall, Ames Alexander, Franco Ordonez, and Ted Mellnik
Jane Perkins
Juvencio Rocha Peralta
Beloved Community Center



Rep. Dan Blue
Rep. Rick Glazier
Sen. Katie Dorsett
Farmworker Advocacy Network
Edelstein & Payne
North Carolina Fair Share
North Carolina NAACP



Rep. Alma Adams
Rep. Verla Insko
Sen. William Purcell
NC Coalition for Lobbying Reform
Jerry Hartzell of Hartzell & Whiteman, LLP
Jim Grant
Western NC Workers’ Center



Sen. Martin Nesbitt, Jr.
Rep. Mickey Michaux
William Schweke
Patterson Harkavy LLP
Linda Virgil, Caught Before Fallen
Farm Labor Organizing Committee
In Memory of Deborah Greenblatt
In Memory of Carol Kirschenbaum



Sen. Dan Clodfelter
Rep. Paul Luebke
Prosperity Unlimited, Inc.
Douglas Sea
Justice for Smithfield Workers Campaign
Center for Community Action
Robert Spearman



Harry Payne
Jim Long
Institute for Southern Studies
Garth Gersten
Reid Adams
Student Action With Farmworkers
Polly Williams



Rep. Ruth Easterling
Sen. Wib Gulley
Common Sense Foundation
Dr. Bob Bridges
Prof. Jack Boger
Casa Guadalupe
Dr. Pam Silberman



Sen. Jeanne H. Lucas
Rep. Philip A. Baddour, Jr.
North Carolina State AFL-CIO
Robert J. Willis
Jereann King
El Centro Hispano
Greg Malhoit



Sen. Ellie Kinnaird
Rep. Martha Alexander
Deborah Ross
Mal Maynard
Geraldine Blackston
El Pueblo, Inc.



Rep. Dan Blue
Sen. Brad Miller
Rep. Bob Hensley
Sen. Eric Reeves