NC HEALTH ACTION ALERT: Don't Let NC Blue Cross Block National Health Reform!

May 19, 2009

By Adam Searing

This week documents obtained by the Washington Post and others reveal that North Carolina Blue Cross Blue Shield is developing an ad campaign to directly attack President Obama's plans for health care reform.   Check out The Progressive Pulse for more background.
The Blue Cross ads deceptively claim that a "government-run health care system" is imminent and that "government-run" health care means poor service and lack of choice.  [Capstrat, a NC public relations firm with strong ties to Democrats - including President Obama - is developing the ads for NC Blue Cross.]
Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.  As President Obama and Congressional leaders have said again and again, health care reform is about creating more choices - not fewer.  If people are happy with their current health care coverage they get to keep it - and reform will lower health costs to reduce premiums.  If they don't like their current coverage or can't afford coverage, then they will have a choice of private health plans along with a public health plan to choose from.
CALL  Senator Kay Hagan (202-224-6342)
Right now the US Senate is considering health care reform.  They are committed to affordable coverage for everyone.  However, there are concerns with what they have proposed and WE CAN'T LET NC BLUE CROSS AND OTHER SPECIAL INTERESTS SPEAK FOR US.
CALL  Senator Kay Hagan (202-224-6342) and tell her:
1.  We need a public health plan option along with private plan options in any health care reform. North Carolinians need a guarantee that at least one health plan won't go out of business, deny coverage, or pay CEOs outrageous salaries.
2.  Health care reform plans must be affordable for everyone. This means clear benefits and a clear cap on percentage of income people should have to pay for coverage.
3.  NC's successful "medical home" public model that delivers quality health care along with millions of dollars in taxpayer savings to kids and parents in NC's public Medicaid and NC Health Choice public health insurance programs should NOT be eliminated - current proposals from the NC Senate Finance Committee could do just that.
CALL  Senator Kay Hagan (202-224-6342)
You can contact Senator Hagan through her website too, but a call is quicker and more effective.