COMING UP SHORT: Lawmakers' Top Shortcomings for Reducing Economic Hardship in 2015

As the end of the year approaches, it is a good time to reflect upon what have lawmakers done this past year to address poverty. The scourge of poverty that exists in every Tar Heel community demands sustained and systemic attention. Very few lawmakers give people struggling with economic hardship the attention that they deserve—not in policy agendas, not at the policy tables, and not in public speeches.

When it comes to the anti-poverty track record for 2015, policymakers left a lot to be desired. If North Carolina leaders want to build a more inclusive economy, they cannot continue to pursue public policies that deepen economic hardship or push low-income people further into the margins of society. Our economy grows strongest and longest when everyone has access to economic opportunity.

To that point, the slideshow below documents the top six ways lawmakers came up short in their responses to poverty in 2015. Read more in this blog post, Anti-poverty Programs Matter All Year Long.

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