In the News: August 2009


Health Care segment, Foxy 107 and 104.3 radio program with Karen Clark, Aug. 30, no link available.
(Nicole Dozier interviewed)

"Sales tax increase to go into effect starting September 1," News 14 Carolina, Aug. 28,
(Jeff Shaw interviewed)

"Groups disagree over pace of health reform," NBC 17, Aug. 28,|Sports|Lifestyles/story/40928/groups-disagree-over-pace-of-healthcare-reform
(Adam Searing interviewed)

"Tax hikes won't cost jobs, report says," News & Observer, Aug. 27, 2009,
(BTC report cited)

"Health care rally planned Saturday," Greenville Daily Reflector, Aug. 27, 2009,
(Health Access Coalition, Adam Linker cited)

"How bad is the sales tax hit?" Charlotte Observer Aug. 25,
(BTC cited)

"A look ahead at what the next legislative session will face," Durham Herald-Sun, Aug. 23, 2009,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

Health Care segment, Shaw University radio, Aug. 22, no link available.
(Nicole Dozier interviewed)

"Community News," Greenville Daily Reflector, Aug. 21,
(Health Access Coalition meeting cited)

"This is about more than health care," Carrboro Citizen, Aug. 20, 2009,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"New ad targets Sen. Burr over health reform," NBC 17, Aug. 20, 2009,
(Adam Linker interviewed)

"Panel to discuss health reform Wednesday," Fayetteville Observer, Aug. 19,
(Adam Linker cited)

"Good news on affordable housing in NC, Wilmington Star-News, Aug. 18,
(Al Ripley quoted, Justice Center cited)

"Scam artists prey on fearful homeowners," United Press International, Aug. 17,
(Al Ripley interviewed)

"Lawyer goes to battle for the poor," Charlotte Observer, Aug. 16,
(Carlene McNulty profile)

"Health care debate gives everyone a say," Fayetteville Observer, Aug 16,
(Adam Linker interviewed)

"Home scam stings homeowners," Charlotte Observer, Aug. 16,
(Al Ripley interviewed)

"She believes her clients are always right -- and proves it," News & Observer, Aug. 16,
(Carlene McNulty profile)

"A sigh of relief," Carrboro Citizen, Aug. 14,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"NC groups mixed on possible drop of public option," News 14, Aug. 14,
(Adam Linker interviewed)


"Here's hoping for a constructive talk tonight," Sanford Herald, Aug. 12,
(Health Access Coalition cited)

"Etheridge to attend town meeting about health care," Sanford Herald, Aug. 11,
(Health Access Coalition cited)

"A tough legislative session with important victories," Independent Weekly, Aug. 9,
(Chris Fitzsimon interviewed, Policy Watch cited)

"Sales tax rate goes up Sept. 1," McClatchy news service, Aug. 6,
(BTC cited, Elaine Mejia interviewed. Story ran in Morganton News-Herald and Statesvill Record and Landmark among other publications:

"Aide sent video "rife with cruel distortions," News & Observer, Aug. 5,
(Adam Searing interviewed)

"In health care debate, opponents hit a new low," The Pilot, Aug. 2,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"Budget ax spares sacred cows," News & Observer, Aug. 1,
(Elaine Mejia interviewed, BTC cited. Knight-Ridder story, also ran in Business Week and other places:||08/01/2009%205:57%20AM%20ET||headline||Budget%20ax%20spares%20sacred%20cows%3A%20Medicaid%20drugs%2C%20corporate%20tax%20dodges%20and%20habitual%20felon%20law%20cost%20state%20millions.%20[The%20News%20%26%20Observer%2C%20Raleigh%2C%20N.C.]||docSource||Knight%20Ridder/Tribune||provider||ACQUIREMEDIA&ric=GSK)




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