In the News: February 2010


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"Rising Blue Cross Bills stun North Carolina," News & Observer, Feb. 25, (Adam Linker quoted)

"Goldman defending actions on student assignment policy motion," News & Observer WakeEd blog, Feb. 25, (Chris Fitzsimon cited) "Fitzsimon on taking a "step back from the resegregationist brink,"" News & Observer WakeEd blog, Feb. 25, (Chris Fitzsimon cited) "Ann Denlinger speaks out on Burns and the next superintendent," News & Observer WakeEd blog, Feb. 25, (Chris Fitzsimon cited)

"Justice Center's 'favorite' health innovations," Charlotte Observer blog, Feb. 25, 2010 (Adam Linker cited) "Not local governments place," Cary News, Feb. 24, (Adam Linker op-ed)

"Unfair contract," Winston-Salem Journal, Feb. 23,
(Justice Center cited)

"Making the case," News & Observer, Feb. 21, 2010, (Adam Searing op-ed)

"Burns may be forced out early," News & Observer, Feb. 19, (Rob Schofield quoted)

"N.C. Policy Watch urges leaders to listen to Burns' interviews," News & Observer WakeEd blog, Feb. 18, 2010,

"The misplaced stigma," Carrboro Citizen, Feb. 18,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"Checking up on Forsyth County's health," Winston-Salem Journal, Feb. 18,
(BTC report cited)

"Calling Burns' resignation and Forest Ridge part of the ideological stigma," News & Observer WakeEd blog, Feb. 17,
(Chris Fitzsimon cited)

"Report: Blue Cross method overhead consistent," WRAL, Feb. 16,
(Associated Press story, Adam Searing interviewed, also ran in Business Week the SF Examiner, Yahoo News Myrtle Beach Sun News and The Rocky Mount Telegram

"Close the lobby," News & Observer, Feb. 15,
(Chris Fitzsimon op-ed)

"The Report Card," Asheville Citizen-Times, Feb. 15,
(Justice Center hospital report cited)

"Unemployment benefits could run out at the end of the month," Burlington Times-News, Feb. 14,
(Jeff Shaw interviewed)

"Carolina Newsmakers," WPTF, Feb. 14,
(Elaine Mejia interviewed)

"Don't give up now on health reform," News & Observer, Feb. 12,
(Adam Searing op-ed)

"Paying to lobby public officials for the public," Southern Pines Pilot, Feb. 12,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"Hospital charity care policies examined, Charlotte Observer, Feb. 12,
(Adam Linker interviewed)

"NC hospitals becoming more open about charity care policies WFAE, Feb. 12,
(Adam Linker interviewed)

"Care for poor is often free," News & Observer, Feb. 12,
(Adam Linker interviewed)

"Audit: state prisons overpay for inmate medical care," WRAL, Feb. 11,
(Adam Searing interviewed)

"NC students' AP test scores beat national average," News & Observer, Feb. 11,
(Stephen Jackson interviewed)

"Hospitals pay higher tab for patients who can't pay," News 14, Feb. 11,
(Adam Linker interviewed)

"Group: hospitals should detail charity care policies online," WRAL, Feb. 11,
(Adam Linker interviewed)

"More evidence of North Carolina's failures in mental health reform," Carrboro Citizen, Feb. 11,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"Praising the WEP school assignment report," Feb. 10, News & Observer WakeEd blog, (Chris Fitzsimon cited)

"Two businessmen invested big in Wake County schools race," News & Observer, Feb. 9,
(Chris Fitzsimon quoted)

"Justice Center: NC hospitals better than most at charity care," Triangle Business Journal, Feb. 8,
(Adam Linker interviewed)

"Hospital charity care segment," WPTF, Feb. 8, no link available.
(Adam Linker interviewed)

"Paying to lobby public officials for the public?" Carrboro Citizen, Feb. 4, 2010,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"Fitzsimon on the missteps of the 'Gang of Five'," News & Observer WakeEd blog, Feb. 3,
(Chris Fitzsimon cited)

"Lobbying up a storm -- but why?" News & Observer, Feb. 3, 2010,
(Chris Fitzsimon column)

"MLK Day Human Rights Conference," Horizon (Whatcom Community College Magazine), Feb. 3,
(Jeff Shaw quoted)

"A tour of six states," The American Prospect, Feb. 1,
(Meg Gray Wiehe quoted, BTC cited)

"Reform amid fiscal ruin," The American Prospect, Feb. 1,
(BTC, Justice Center cited)

"What's wrong with Wake County School Board's diversity policy?" Raleigh Independent Examiner, Feb. 1,
(Chris Fitzsimon cited)

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