Ajamu Dillahunt, Senior Outreach Coordinator, Workers Rights Project

Ajamu Dillahunt
Senior Outreach Coordinator,
Workers Rights Project
ajamu@ncjustice.org; (919) 856-3194

Ajamu Dillahunt

Ajamu Dillahunt joined the Justice Center in April of 2004 as the Outreach Coordinator for the Budget and Tax Center. He is currently the Outreach Coordinator for Consumer, Housing and Workforce Issues. As a community educator he utilizes popular education as a way of creating democratic participation in the process of learning and planning for action to change conditions. Ajamu has been a tireless advocate for working families in North Carolina for over thirty years. Prior to coming to the Justice Center he served as President of the Raleigh Area Local of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU). He was Director of Research and Education for the North Carolina Council of the APWU during that period. Ajamu was a Labor Educator and Arbitration Advocate as well. He has done community organizing and training in various communities in N.C. and was a founding member of the Black Workers for Justice. He has a Masters Degree in African Studies and maintains an active interest in the African Diaspora, particularly in the Caribbean and Latin America.