POLICY & PROGRESS: The Value and Role of Government in NC's Society and Economy

July 19, 2011

Table of Contents

  • North Carolina’s Best Economic Investment by Julia Hawes

  • Private Education at Public Expense by Matthew Ellinwood

  • New State Policies: More Problems, Less Progress

  • “Vending Machine” Government Abandons the Common Good by Alexandra Forter Sirota

  • What Happened to NC’s Education Savior? By Matthew Ellinwood

  • Including Excluded Communities by Peter Gilbert, UNC’s Center for Civil Rights

  • The Attempted Takeover of Health Care Reform in NC by Adam Linker

  • North Carolina’s Mental Health Mess by Vicki Smith, Disability Rights NC

  • Better Health Care for Older North Carolinians by Nicole Dozier

  • A Safe Place to Call Home by Julia Hawes

  • The Unvarnished Numbers by Chris Fitzsimon

  • The Aftermath of the 2011 Legislative Session by Rob Schofield

  • 2011 Defenders of Justice Awards


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